The UK’s Hottest Jobs

The UK is currently experiencing the hottest summer for decades, but most of us, fortunately, can escape the soaring temperatures. According to the Office of National Statistics, about 50% of us work in offices with air con or ventilation. But for some, the current heatwave means they’re working in temperatures normally only found in some of the hottest places on earth!

Using the thermal imaging technology on the Cat S61 smartphone, we set out to measure some of the UK’s hottest workers.

Armed police officers patrolling near Buckingham Palace remain vigilant despite the heat. We recorded temperatures around 60°C on the metal on their black bulletproof vests!

The ironmonger we visited endures by far the hottest working conditions we came across. In addition to the heat we’re all experiencing from the sun, their protective gear was recorded at an 84°C coming from additional heat produced by their equipment, including the bronze forge reaching 112°C.


And it’s not just elite military and police units that are suffering.

Ordinary workers such as delivery drivers, road workers, builders and baristas are also feeling the effect of the heatwave. We recorded a barista being warmed up as they made a cappuccino by equipment running at nearly 50°C, a relatively cool window cleaner soon to be warmed up by the 50°C building they were about to tackle and a road worker sweltering from the heat coming from his asphalt at over 117°C.

These extraordinary pictures taken with the Cat S61 smartphone’s thermal imaging camera, showing just how hot some of Britain’s jobs are.

Find out more about the Cat S61 Smartphone.


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