Thermal Imaging Helps Farmers Tackle Daily Challenges

Modern technology is making its mark on every industry and in farming it seems that thermal imaging can provide new insight and help to greatly improve efficiencies – enter the Cat® S60 smartphone with inbuilt thermal imaging camera.

We spent a day with Rob Hodgkins, a sheep and arable farmer from Stevenage, UK, who told us that the thermal camera on his rugged Cat S60 is a huge ‘asset’ to his farm. A previously expensive piece of kit, a thermal imaging camera is now affordable and available in your pocket thanks to the Cat S60 and, the soon-to-be-on-sale, Cat S61 smartphone.

How can thermal imaging technology help farmers?

From solving daily challenges to the particulars of lambing season, the multiple, valuable uses of thermal imaging on the farm enables Rob with the help of just his wife, Jo, to comfortably manage and run his 1,700-acre farm.

The farming industry has long recognised the value of thermal imaging for the dairy industry too, with its ability to improve dairy health and save costs.

Thermal Camera Benefits on the Farm

As Rob explains in the video below, he finds many valuable uses for the thermal camera on his own farm:

  • Monitor soil temperature – to gauge whether more forage is needed to help the grass to grow
  • Locate fresh poo – to ensure he sends the freshest samples to the lab to be tested for worm egg counts
  • Ensure correct milk temperature – help to feed milk to sick, new-born lambs only at the right (body) temperature
  • Locate lost, separated lambs at night – help to save lost lambs, bring them back to safety and reunite with their mother with less stress than bringing vehicles and torches to the scene

Watch the video below to see the full story from Rob and how he uses his Cat phone to help on his farm.


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