The Cat® S61; The Ultimate Tool for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse


As the world gets ready to face a variety of horrors this Halloween, there’s one tool that has been identified as the perfect Zombie Apocalypse deterrent.

The Cat S61 is a rugged smartphone packed with tools and features that not only benefit those in the trade, but will also be useful for anyone aiming to avoid a zombie horde.

Its integrated laser assisted distance measure can identify how far away the zombie horde is, while perhaps its most specific zombie battling feature is the thermal imaging camera that can detect heat sources (or lack there of), even in a completely dark room. Essential for navigating where the zombies are hiding using the “coldest” palette, just make sure you have it with you when you most need it!

However, what would happen if a zombie got their hands on a Cat S61? A short film capturing zombies in action demonstrates some of the Cat S61’s unique qualities. It survives a fall on to concrete as it is clumsily handled by a group of zombies who’ve found it, the phone also deals with being covered in unknown liquids and being treated roughly without an issue thanks to its protected exterior, IP68 waterproofing and 1.8m drop proof credentials.

Watch the video here to see what happens next.