The tough choice

Throughout 2020 many Keyworkers from all over the globe have just had to keep on working. Often in extreme conditions, at high risk and far away from their communities and loved ones.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.

If the events of 2020 so far have shown us anything it’s that we always need to expect the unexpected.  Whether you’re a first-responder keeping us safe, a Keyworker helping to get the post-Covid world back on its feet,  a construction worker, a delivery driver or factory worker who needs a phone that’s tough enough to survive; then we are here for you.

Our handsets can be dropped from great heights with no damage. They will continue working even in dusty and sandy environments. They are waterproofed to withstand high pressure, and survive at several meters underwater for long periods of time. They have touchscreens that work in the rain and with most gloves, and are so bright you can read your screen easily even in direct sunlight. And in terms of hygiene they can be repeatedly washed with hot soap and water and sanitisers.

Within the CAT phones family we have considered every eventuality for a broad range of tough professional and extreme lifestyle needs and tailored a dynamic range of handsets accordingly. Our products are strong and practical. We can’t be dealing with fancy, over-designed phones that smash if you drop them; instead, we make innovative, tough devices that won’t let you down in tough situations.  They’ve been tested to the max. Use them and abuse them – they can take it!

Extreme wet and weather

Cat phones are more than simply a little splash proof. They’re specially designed to perform to high standards even in very wet environments. You can use them without worry in heavy rain and saltwater and know they’ll survive a fall into water (The latest Cat® S62 Pro smartphone is fully waterproof for up to 1.5m for 35 minutes).

Our touchscreens are made to be used with thick gloves and also equipped with innovative wet finger tracking technology, meaning you can use the screen as normal with wet fingers.


Introducing the new Cat S62 Pro

The ultimate work phone

The pinnacle of innovation,
functional design and rugged durability

Game changing professional picture quality

Hygiene first easy clean

In these times of hygiene vigilance, our products benefit from being extremely easy to clean with no need for additional cases which trap and accumulate germs. They can be repeatedly submerged and scrubbed with hot water and soap and withstand chemicals, bleaches and sanitisers; keeping you and others safe.

Introducing the Cat S42 H+

Fight Dirty. Choose Silver.

For the Cat S42 H+ we have gone beyond the rugged phone design you know and expect from a Cat phone. We took the Cat S42’s IP69 rated, military grade body and enhanced it with silver ions that fight the growth of bacteria. So no matter how dirty things may get, your phone will always be there for you.

Tough doesn’t mean ugly

Being able to take a kicking (drop, water and dust proof) and having the highest MILSPEC and IP protection ratings no longer means that phones need to be basic and ugly.  Our latest smartphones also use the most advanced materials and machine finishes and are designed to be as stylish as they are rugged.


Introducing the Cat S52

High grade aluminium frame

IP68, MIL SPEC 810H – Waterproof, dustproof and drop proo

Sony 12MP dual-pixel sensor, f/1.8

f/1.8, 1.4μm, dual pixel PDAF, EIS for fast and accurate focusing

Hard-wearing, non-slip rubberised TPU back

9.69mm thin, 210g light