The integrated FLIR® thermal imaging camera on the Cat S60 and the latest Cat S61 smartphones can be used to monitor and diagnose problems more quickly and save time on site. It provides a new perspective and opens up new use cases, including: detecting heat loss around windows and doors; spotting moisture and missing insulation; identifying over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry; and seeing in complete darkness.
The upgrades on the new Cat S61 include an expanded measurable temperature range to 400º Celsius compared to 120º Celsius on the Cat S60, and an upgrade from VGA to HD detail from the visible camera providing unmatched image optimization using FLIR’s MSX® technology.
Just tap the MyFLIR app on the device to get started.

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– Embedded thermal camera visualizes heat that is invisible to the naked eye, highlighting temperature contrasts
– Can pick up heat from a distance of up to 100 feet and measure surface temperatures to 50 feet
– See through obscurants such as smoke and works in complete darkness


The Cat S60 and Cat S61 smartphones detect invisible heat energy up to 100 ft away and capture and measure any changes in temperature as a thermal image or video. Both smartphones use the visible camera and the thermal imaging camera together while FLIR’s patented MSX technology overlays the images on top of each other to create a crisper and more recognizable image with greater detail.

Thermal imaging can be used for real time problem solving, from finding a leak, a gap in insulation, an electrical fault to locating livestock in the dark and everything in between. Thermal imaging cameras, however, cannot pick up heat signatures on some objects like reflective materials and water and whilst they can see through obscurants like smoke they cannot see through walls, rather detect changes in temperature caused by objects behind the wall.


The MyFLIR app on both the Cat S60 and Cat S61 allows you to shoot stills, video and timelapse videos in a file format that can be immediately shared via email from the device. Apply movable spot meters and and highlight an area within the image to see temperature differences to both live images and retrospectively to the thermal images saved in your gallery. You can also select custom temperature scales to highlight objects within a specific range.

The Cat S61 also has a new Tips and Tricks section within the app and a Community Forum to help get the most out of its thermal imaging capabilities. Both the Cat S60 and Cat S61 have 9 different colour palletes to choose from when capturing thermal images. For example try ‘Hottest’ to quickly identify an overheating fuse in a circuit or ‘Coldest’ to view levels of fluid inside tanks.

The integrated thermal camera on the Cat S61 and S61 smartphones ensure thermal imaging technology is always on you, always charged and protected within a rugged device, pushing the boundaries of mobile technology, how and where it’s used.