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Carrying on Caterpillar’s leading heritage of supplying those working in rugged conditions with tough, reliable equipment, Cat® phones brings durability to mobile technology. Building one of the most diverse rugged smartphone offerings currently available to consumers and businesses alike, you can count on our portfolio of smartphones, feature phones and mobile accessories not to let you down when the going gets tough.

Our latest rugged smartphone – the Cat® S60 – lives up to these expectations, boasting a strengthened die cast frame and beyond MIL Spec credentials. Find out more about how the entire Cat phones range is designed to help you live life to the fullest.


Cat® phones are designed to compliment those phone users living rugged lifestyles who think the current mobile device market isn’t catering for the challenges they face day-to-day. Bringing innovative technology and Caterpillar’s iconic commitment to durability to construction sites, farms and outdoor environments, the Cat phones range is designed to be the perfect companion to your rugged lifestyle.

Whether you’re on your daily commute, you’re always out and about or you work long hours and need a phone with battery life that can survive the day, you can be confident that your Cat phone will rise to the challenge.



Drop-proof, dust proof and shockproof, these rugged smartphones are made out of tough stuff so you can work worry-free. Cat phones are built to MIL Spec Defense Specification and our latest models – including the S40 and S60 thermal imaging smartphone – are certified to highest IP rating available – IP68.

Understanding IP Ratings: IP (or Ingress Protection) ratings are defined by two numbers. The first digit describes the level of intrusion protection against physical objects such as dust and grit. The second describes the level of moisture protection from condensation to prolonged submersion under water. With an IP68 rating our latest Cat phones are protected against complete submersion in water and dust tight.



Designed specifically for those working in trades or outdoor environments, Caterpillar smartphones come with plenty of innovative features to make your job run more smoothly. Our Corning® Gorilla® Glass screens are equipped with glove-on working and wet-finger tracking technology – so you don’t waste time fumbling to answer your phone.

New generation Cat phones also come with an ultra-bright screen perfect for when you’re trying to read your phone in sunlight and loud, high quality audio for when you’re working in noisy environments. Combined with a long lasting battery, you can depend on your Cat phone to come through in even the toughest situations.


Versatile enough to be as equally at home on the construction site or off, Cat phones redefine the rugged genre with their tough but stylish design. Smartphones like the Cat® S40 and S60 are robust enough to withstand life’s tough challenges without compromising on design or being overly bulky.

Whether you work in tough environments or are just fed-up of having to settle for phones that aren’t fit for purpose, check out the Cat rugged phone range to find a mobile device that’s fit for your lifestyle.

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